Baltic Amber Polished Specimen


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The window into the past.

Baltic Amber polished specimen is a great item to add to collections and tells a story by itself! Tree sap that flowed out of the tree slowly petrified over millions of years to create this fossil. The Baltic Sea Amber has been utilized in jewelry and traded for its inner glow for thousands of years. Owning Amber is owning a piece of history!

* Location/Origin: Poland

* Size: Use Ruler in Picture for reference

Metaphysical info:
The Transmutation Stone. Used to assist one in eliminating negative past experiences and transform their influence in our present time into positive memories and constructive influences.
Amber has a particular ability to take our negative outmoded patterns and refresh them with a new approach. It is through the inherent ability of Amber to encapsulate and sometimes display patterns of our past that we can observe ourselves from a new perspective. Its use in temples as an incense helps to signify the importance placed on this energetic perception lense. Magnifying contact with higher realms of consciousness allows the user a heightened state to constructively work through the past and bring the energy into the forefront. The color of the stone will help to magnify experiences involving that specific chakra as with all metaphysical work.

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